About Cal South PRO+/ODP:

The Cal South PRO+ Olympic Development Program (ODP) is one of the most direct routes to the U.S. Youth National Teams. Our Cal South PRO+ ODP coaching and scouting staff scour the Southern California youth soccer landscape annually to identify the top players in each boys and girls age group from 2007-2004. Upon identification, the aim of PRO+ ODP is to place these players on U.S. Youth National Teams by competing at regional and national level events.

Cal South PRO+ ODP teams have won 36 ODP National Championships, including sweeping all four national titles in 2013 and 2014. No other US Youth Soccer State Association has accomplished a sweep of the ODP Nationals even once. Cal South PRO+ ODP also regularly places over 40% of its players into the U.S. National Team player pools.

About the Cal South PRO+ ODP Soccer Camps:

The Cal South PRO+ ODP Soccer Camps program enters its 17th year of operation designed for all boys and girls born from 2011 through 2004 committed to reaching the highest level open to them in the sport. They are "developmental" in that our experienced camp staff, already used to dealing with and developing talent at the state, regional and national levels, will build on and improve the technical and tactical skills that players have acquired during the soccer year. Through our program, we will create a challenging environment where each player will learn about themselves - their strengths and weaknesses. Players will be encouraged to compete in and outside of their comfort zones, and will be given the knowledge and tools to improve.

We have scheduled six different day camps in strategic locations throughout Southern California this summer to provide every player born from 2003 through 2010 the opportunity of attending our camps. Each camp lasts three hours, with the emphasis placed on quality, not quantity. Each group will have a low coach-to-player ratio, so as to optimize the individual development of each player. For goalkeepers at each camp, we provide one GK-specific session conducted by one of our goalkeeping staff coaches.

Monday through Friday, the coaches will emphasize tactics, speed of play, speed of thought, movement with and without the ball, and technical speed. Making good decisions under pressure will be the theme of the week, with the opportunity to apply what has been taught each day under match conditions.

At the end of the week, each player will feel challenged, will have been evaluated personally by their coach, and will be eager to take their game to the next level. This represents exceptional value. 

About the Cal South PRO+ ODP Residential Academy Camps: 

Entering their 19th year, our successful Cal South PRO+ ODP Youth Residential Academies are held at the historic Thacher School in Ojai Valley. Our program emphasizes proper camp philosophy, quality facilities, a progressive and well thought-out curriculum, organized administrators, and an experienced, top-notch and licensed coaching staff, held to the highest standards. Our youth academy camps are open to players born from 2008-2005, and our older Finishing and Goalkeeping Academy is open to players born from 2001-2004.

The Cal South PRO+ ODP Residential Academies offer an intense and focused week of training for players determined to improve their game and learn what it takes to be the best. There are two separate academies held -- one week for boys, one week for girls. Our highly qualified staff conduct a training curriculum modeled after the U.S. Youth National Teams, emphasizing technical training in individual and small group concepts, as well as team play. Training consists of competitive, high-energy sessions that put players under pressure to make good decisions, balanced with solo and cooperative activities. 

The Cal South PRO+ ODP Finishing and Goalkeeping Academies run simultaneously, but as separate camps. The Finishing Academy focuses solely on the player's ability to score goals, preparing scorers for any situation. The camp's theme is "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!" The Goalkeeping Academy focuses on one of the most demanding and mentally challenging positions on the field. This camp's specialized training develops a player's presence in the goal, tactical awareness, leadership, and consistency.

In addition to the on-field activities throughout the week, we will introduce mental concepts as well as educational sessions on fitness, nutrition, ODP, college and the National Team programs. 

A quick word to the wise: Demand for our camps is very high, so secure your spot today. We look forward to seeing you at the Cal South PRO+ ODP Camps!

Camp Highlights:

• USSF 'A' & 'B' licensed professional coaching staff
• English Premier League coaches
• UEFA licensed coaches
• Cal South PRO+ ODP staff coaches
• Excellent coach-to-player ratio
• Camp curriculum modeled after U.S. Youth National Team programs
• Quality fields and facilities
• Personalized camp evaluation
• ODP player identification opportunities
• Nike Soccer Camp t-shirt
• Specialized goalkeeper training

Campers must come prepared with:

• A soccer ball
• Proper soccer clothing
• Water
• Pencil/pen and paper to take notes
• Sun block
• Shin guards