Goalkeeping Academy

Cal South PRO+ ODP Goalkeeping Academy

The Cal South PRO+ ODP Goalkeeping Academy focuses on one of the most demanding and mentally challenging positions on the field. This camp's specialized training develops a player's presence in the goal, tactical awareness, leadership, and consistency.

Each goalkeeper will face thousands of decisions and hundreds of shots on goal, honing individual technique in catching and handling, shot saving and redirecting, tipping and parrying, crossed balls and breakaway saves. Goalkeepers will learn how to stay mentally involved in the entire game, focusing on communication, reading the attack, and organizing the defense. Our goalkeepers become consistent on-the-field leaders and dependable shot stoppers. The camp ends with the Goalkeeper Challenge Competition and the presentation of the Golden Glove Award.

Full schedules, directions, code of conduct, and a packing list for the Cal South PRO+ ODP Youth Residential Academies at Thacher School in Ojai will be available in our Residential Academy Guide.