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The Cal South PRO+ Olympic Development Program (ODP) is one of the most successful programs of its kind in the nation. Our coaching and scouting staff scout the rich Southern California youth soccer landscape annually to identify the top players. Upon identification, the aim of PRO+ ODP is to place these players on U.S. Soccer’s Youth National Teams by competing at regional and national level events and competitions.

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The Cal South PRO+ ODP Program offers Day Camps and Residential Camps during the summer. Take your skills to the next level!

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Day Camps

The Cal South PRO+ ODP Day Camps are designed for boys and girls in the 8-14 age brackets committed to reaching the highest level open to them in the sport, and this year enter their 22nd year of promoting excellence in youth soccer in Southern California. They are “developmental” in that our experienced camp staff, already used to dealing with and developing youth soccer talent at the state, regional and national levels, will build on and improve the technical and tactical skills that players have acquired during the soccer year.

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Residential Camps

Each summer, our Cal South PRO+ ODP Residential Camps continue the tradition of offering a challenging, holistic environment for youth soccer players – male and female – to develop their overall game. Each camp consists of technical, tactical and functional positional training sessions to help players develop to their full potential whilst being placed out of their comfort zone.

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