Day Camps

(Morning camps are temporarily unavailable and will be returning in the winter and summer of 2022.)

The Cal South PRO+ ODP Day Camps are designed for boys and girls in the 8-14 age brackets committed to reaching the highest level open to them in the sport, and this year enter their 18th year of promoting excellence in youth soccer in Southern California. They are “developmental” in that our experienced camp staff, already used to dealing with and developing youth soccer talent at the state, regional and national levels, will build on and improve the technical and tactical skills that players have acquired during the soccer year.

Our program creates a challenging environment where each player will learn about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. Players are encouraged to compete both in and outside of their comfort zones and will be given the knowledge and tools to improve.

We have scheduled six different morning camps in strategic locations throughout Southern California this summer to provide every player in the 8-14 age brackets an opportunity to attend. Each camp lasts three hours each day and maximizes the quality of that time. Each group has a low coach-to-player ratio, which optimizes the individual development of each player. For goalkeepers, every session includes specific goalkeeping training with our Goalkeeping Camp staff coaches.

Each day of the camp, the coaches will emphasize tactics, speed of play, speed of thought, movement with and without the ball, and technical speed. Making good decisions under pressure will be the theme of the week, and players will have the opportunity to apply what has been taught each day under match conditions. At the end of the week, each player receives a valuable personal evaluation from their coach and will feel challenged and eager to take their game to the next level.

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Take your soccer skills to a whole new level at the Cal South PRO+ ODP Summer Day Camps!

Day Camps are conveniently located throughout all of Southern California!
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The Cal South PRO+ ODP Program offers Day Camps and Residential Camps during the summer. Take your skills to the next level and register now! Click here to register!

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8:45AM: Check-In

9:00AM: Warm-up & Ball Mastery

9:30AM: Technical & tactical exercises

10:00AM: Break- Discussion on PRO+ ODP, Nutrition, Fitness, Tactics

10:25AM: 4v4 street soccer

11:00AM: 7v7/11v11

11:50AM: Cool down

12:00PM: Camp ends

DISCOUNT CODE POLICY: Promo codes must be used at the time of online purchase in order to receive discounts, All players must be registered at the same time using the same Credit Card to receive multiple player discounts. Important: Once individual registrations have been paid, they cannot be added to a group discount. All discounts have an expiration date, please see below.


Registering at once Savings Discount Code
Family Discount
Expire June 01, 2020
3 or more players Save $10 per player FAMILY2020
Group Discount
Expires June 01, 2020
5 or more players Save $20 per player GROUP2020
Team Discount
Expires June 01, 2020
7 or more players Save $30 per player TEAM2020

All customers cancelling a Day Camp must send an e-mail to

Cancellation Policy for PRO+ ODP Morning Camps:

  • All cancellations will pay a $30 admin fee
  • Cancellations 14 days before the first day of camp will pay a $50 admin fee
  • Cancellation 72 hours before the first day of camp will incur a refund, minus a $100 admin fee
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the first day of camp will not be eligible for a refund
  • Due to fixed fixed costs for our program we have a strict REFUND policy.